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Fish Bubble Wall Fish Bowl Set Up & Installation

Installation Instructions
Partial & Complete Cleaning Instructions
Supplies You Will Need To Clean & Maintain A Healthy Wall Fish Bowl

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Fish Bubble Installation Instructions

Where NOT TO MOUNT your fish bubble aquarium

1. Where it will receive direct sunlight. This will cause algae to grow quickly
2. Next to a vent, door, or window. The air from vents and open doors can quickly change the water temperature in a wall fish bowl which can stress or kill your fish.

To install your new Fish Bubble Wall Fish Bowl, first ensure that the wall the aquarium will be hung on is strong enough to hold the weight of the aquarium with water. A 3.6 liter Fish Bubble weighs 8 lbs when filled with water, and a 6.7 liter Fish Bubble weighs 14 lbs. when filled with water.

If installing the Fish Bubble into drywall it is recommended to drill holes into the stud to anchor the fish bowl. If you can't drill a screw into the stud then use drywall screws that are strong enough to support 20lbs. (These can be purchased at a local hardware store)
If installing the Fish Bubble into a concrete wall then a special drill bit and screws should be used to make sure that the Fish Bubble fish bowl is well supported

At the desired height, mark the position where you will install the Fish Bubble. Mark a spot where the hole will be. Then drill the screw into the wall and hang your Fish Bubble aquarium. After it is hanging test the strength of the screw by tugging on it a little bit. Then put treated water into the Fish Bubble and add rocks, plants, decorations, and fish.

How to clean your wall hanging fish bowl

How often should I clean my wall hanging fish bowl?

Generally your wall hanging fish bowl should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks. However, how frequently you will need to change your wall hanging fish bowl will depend on a few factors: such as how much you are feeding your fish, how many fish you have in your bowl, and where your bowl is mounted.

wall hanging fish bowl Cleaning instructions

Take care of your Fish Bubble just as you would with a normal glass aquarium. Before cleaning remove all of the fish bowl accessories and store them in another container that has been treated with a chlorine neutralizer (water conditioner). It is recommended that you clean the bowl partially once a week and a complete cleaning once a month.

Partial cleaning:
Remove about half of the dirty water with a cup or container that you can fit in the bowl. Aquarium ecorations and accessories do not need to be removed and the aquarium does not need to be taken off the wall when doing a partial cleaning.

Complete cleaning: Do not try to remove the hanging aquarium when it is full of water or accessories. Remove the decorations and accessories first, such as stones, heater or filter from the aquarium. Remove the water as much as possible. Take the aquarium off the wall. Thoroughly clean stones, plants, and accessories with warm water. Gently scrub the inside of the tank with warm water to remove any algae build-up.

After you are finished cleaning the aquarium, Hang the aquarium back on the wall and fill it up with water that has been treated with a chlorine neutralizer (water conditioner). Put the decorations and accessories back into the aquarium before putting the fish in.

To prevent the aquarium from scratching, hand clean the aquarium with soft cloths or sponges. (or you can purchase our aquarium cleaning pads). Rough materials should not be used. In case of accidental scratches or the residues left on the acrylic, use a clean cloth with chemical-polishing. Rub it onto the spot and wipe out with a clean, dry cloth.

supplies you will need for a healthy wall hanging fish bowl

1.Water Conditioner - removes harmful chemicals in tapwater such as chlorine & chloramines.
2. Fish Net - used to catch the fish when changing water
3. Flake food - find the appropriate food for your fish
4. Rocks & Plants - provide a place for your fish to hide when it is scared, having a place for your fish to hide will help to reduce stress and keep your fish healthy
5. Soft Sponge or Cloth - Use a soft cloth to make sure you don't scrath your fish bowl




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