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Biorb Aquarium & Biorb Fish Tank - Biorb Accessories - Biorb Life

BiOrb Fish Tanks, Biube Aquariums, Biorb Life Aquariums, & Aquarium Kits

Buy BiOrb, Aquabetta, & Aquavista 100 Aquariums

BiOrb & BiUbe Aquariums

Biorb & Biube Fish tank wall and table aquariums

BiUbe &  BiOrb  Aquarium Details

BiUbe Pure

clear biube pure picturespyorb aquarium picture

BiUbe &  BiOrb  Aquarium Details

BiOrb Life Aquarium

red biorb life aquariunwhite biorb life fish tank

black biorb life fish tank
BiUbe &  BiOrb  Aquarium Details

Nano Cube

nano cube aquarium

Nano Cube Aquarium Information

JBJ Picotope

JBJ Picotope Aquarium

Nano Cube Aquarium Information

Fluval Edge Aquarium

fluval edge aquariums

Nano Cube Aquarium Information

Table Top Aquariums with Ease, Design, and Intelligence:

Tabletop aquariums, such as fish bowls, have been popular aquariums for many years because of the limited space and time needed to maintain them.  Now you can own an
easy-to-maintain, space-sensitive tabletop aquarium that has the design and appeal of a deluxe display aquarium.

Our line of tabletop aquariums are perfect for bedrooms and offices.  The space-sensitive design of our tabletop aquariums allows you to maintain fish in your home without needing the room that a full-size fish tank requires.  In addition, the “intelligent” design and filtration of many tabletop aquariums requires less maintenance than other fish tanks.

BiUbe & BiOrb Aquariums

The biOrb fish tank and biUbe are built with patented technologies that make it an “intelligent” aquarium.  The biUbe and biOrb aquariums provide maximum style while requiring minimum maintenance. The newest addition to the Biorb line is the Biorb Life & Baby Biorb Moonlight.

Biorb Life Square & Portrait Aquariums - By Reef-One

The newest line of aquariums from Reef-One. The Biorb Life 30 & Biorb Life Aquariums provide an elegant aquarium with a visually appealing simplistic design. These aquariums require minimum maintenance and were made to easily fit on desks and tables. They are highly customizeable with decorations and accessories.

Nano Cube Aquariums

The Nano Cube system exemplifies high-tech performance in miniature. Designed to provide the ideal depth for proper rock stacking and planting, the Nano Cube aquarium system also features rounded glass corners for seamless panoramic viewing. Fan-cooled aquarium canopy extends the life of bulbs and ballast. 3-stage mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration maintains water quality for a healthy aquarium environment. Each Nano Cube model features energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting and built-in LED Nite-Vu Moonlight to illuminate nocturnal behaviors.

JBJ Picotope Aquarium (3 Gallon)

JBJ introduces the all new Picotope! This beautiful 3 gallon curved glass desktop is an excellent starter tank that offers rounded glass corners for panoramic viewing, beveled glass bottom, a 9W 50/50 clamp on lamp and Pico powerfilter. The Picotope is sure to add a touch of elegance and style to any room it enters!

Fluval Edge Aquarium (6 Gallons)

The Fluval Edge is a new and unique aquarium that is already turning heads. This all glass aquarium provides a unique look within a contemporary setting. The partially sealed top reduces evaporation for less maintenance & a large, hidden aperture allows oxygen exchange that keeps your fish healthy.




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