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BiUbe Pure Aquarium - the clear Biorb & Biorb Fish Tank

Now Only 180.99!!

biube pure aquarium and dimensions
Buy BiUbe Fish Tanks & Biorb Supplies

Clear BiUbe - BiUbe Pure 9 Gallon/35 liter aquarium kit comes with

  • Everything you need in one box
  • Comes with the Biorb Intelligent LED Light
  • BiUbe Service Kit Filter
  • Ceramic Media
  • Air pump
  • 12 v Transformer
  • Clear acrylic lid
  • Water conditioner (one use)
  • Fish food
  • Full instructions

Clear BiUbe Pure Dimensions: 33.5cm/13 ¼ in. wide x 45.5cm/18in tall

The biUbe Pure is a new addition to the exciting biorb fish tank range. This stylish modern aquarium is available in the standard crystal clear acrylic or with an evocative blue tint. This new biUbe is an ideal aquarium for a stylish apartment, office, or bedroom.

The biUbe Pure is supplied complete with the advanced Reef One internal filter, ceramic media, air pump, plug top 12 volt transformer, clear acrylic lid with LED light, water treatment, fish food and full set of instructions – just add water and fish.

The advanced Intelligent LED Light is supplied with the biUbe Pure. The Intelligent LED Light provides a true 24 hour lighting cycle, including sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight. The 7 advanced lighting profiles allow you to take control over day length. The Intelligent LED Light has lower running costs compared to traditional aquarium lighting.

The new clear BiOrb is made from the same strong, crystal clear acrylic as the rest of the biUbe range with a capacity of 35 litres (9 US Gallons). An extensive list of biorb accessories are also available and can be viewed at the followingpage biorb suppliesbiorb accessories

The biUbe can be converted into a marine aquarium using the Marine Conversion Kit and a Tropical Heater Pack.

BiUbe & BiOrb Parts & Accessories:

For Biorb & BiUbe parts and accessories, including filters, heaters, and service kits, please visit the following page of our online store: BiOrb Parts and Biorb Accessories

Before placing fish into your BiOrb or BiUbe aquarium, please consult your local fish store for appropriate methods of starting and cycling your aquarium, as well as finding the right fish species and quantity of fish needed in order to maintain a healthy fish environment in your BiOrb or BiUbe.

BiUbe Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to read frequently asked questions about the Biorb & BiUbe aquariums
BiOrb & BiUBe Frequently Asked Questions


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