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Seven Seas Aquariums Product Catalog

Below is a list of all of our products. To see detailed product information, pictures, and pricing, please click on a product to view its details. Or find the item in our store.

Wall aquariums

Aquavista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium(many colors available)
Aussie Wall Aquariums
Porthole Wall Mounted Aquarium
Mini Wall Mounted Aquarium
Standard Wall Mounted Aquarium
Concave Wall Mounted Aquarium
Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquarium
Vista Wall Mounted Aquarium
Mega Wall Mounted Aquarium

Fish-Bubble Wall Fish Bowl Aquariums
1 Gallon Fish Bubble Wall Fish Bowl
2 Gallon Fish Bubble Wall Fish Bowl

Tabletop Aquariums:
Baby Biorb Aquarium (4 Gallon- Silver or Black
Biorb Aquarium (8 Gallon - Silver or Black)
Biorb Aquarium (16 Gallon - Silver or Black)
BiUbe Aquarium (9 Gallon - Silver or Black)
SpyOrb Aquarium
Clear BiUbe Pure Aquarium (9 Gallon - Clear of Blue Tint)
Aquabetta Aquarium (suspended fish bowl) Satin Nickel

Biorb Life Aquarium - Biorb (4,8, or 16 gallon, and in Red, White, or Black)
Biorb Life Portrait Aquarium - Biorb (4,8, or 16 gallon, and in Red, White, or Black)

Glass Goldfish & Betta Fish Bowls

Glass Fish Shaped Fish Bowl (4 sizes available)
Blue Glass Fish Shaped Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl Book Ends
Decorative Etched Glass Fish Bowls
Scalloped Glass Fish Bowl
Glass Frog Shaped Fish Bowl
Ellipse Etched Glass Fish Bowls
Square Glass Fish Bowl
Decorative Standing Glass Fish Vases
Teacup Glass Fish Bowl

Coffee Table Aquariums
15 gallon end table aquarium
25 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium
28 Gallon Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium
40 Gallon Octagon Coffee Table Aquarium

Designer Aquariums
8 Gallon Aquascape Aquarium
12 Gallon Aquadome Aquarium
25 Gallon AquaVision Aquarium
30 Gallon AquaVision Aquarium
20 Gallon AquaTower Aquarium
30 Gallon AquaTower Aquarium
55 Gallon AquaTower Aquarium

Decorations, Rocks, Beads & Accessories
Aquavista 500 Parts & Accessories
Aquavista 100 Parts & Accessories
BiUbe & BiOrb Parts & Accessories
Aquarium Decorations & Rocks
Blue Glass Beads
Clear Glass Beads
Green Glass Beads
Blue Rocks (Glow in the Dark)
Green Rocks (Glow in the Dark)

BiUbe & BiOrb Decorations
Baby Biorb Plant Ring
BiUbe & BiOrb Mega Volcano Decoration
BiOrb Volcano Decoration (8 gallon)
BiOrb Plant Ring (8 Gallon)
Samuel Baker Biorb Aquarium Sculptures
Clamshell Biorb Aquarium Sculpture
Biorb Aquarium Sculpture
Coral Biorb Aquarium Sculpture

BiUbe & BiOrb Maintenance
Baby Biorb Halogen Light Bulbs
Biorb Ceramic Media
BiUbe & BiOrb Cleaning Pads
BiUbe & BiOrb Scratch Remover & Polish
BiUbe & BiOrb First Aid Kit - Filter
BiUbe & BiOrb No Algae Kit - Filter
BiUbe & BiOrb Service Kit
(general filter)
BiUbe & BiOrb Magnetic Algae Cleaner

BiUbe & BiOrb Accessories & Parts

Biorb & BiUbe Air Pump
Biorb & BiUbe Bubble Tube Guard
BiUbe & BiOrb Halogen Light Bulb
Baby Biorb Light Bulbs
BiUbe & BiOrb Heater Pack
BiUbe & BiOrb Light Unit
BiUbe & BiOrb Stands
BiUbe & BiOrb Heater Stand
BiUbe & BiOrb Intelligent LED Light
BiUbe & BiOrb Transformer

BiUbe & BiOrb Submersible Digital Thermometer
BiUbe & BiOrb Timer



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