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Glass Fish Bowls and Betta Fish Bowls

Glass Fish Shaped Fish BowlsBuy Unique Glass Fish Bowls from Seven Seas Aquariums

Our unique, glass Goldfish and Betta Bowl fish bowls make a great decoration for any room.  We offer a variety of decorative glass fish bowls. Many of our glass fish bowls are made from hand blown glass, and their fun design and unique shape transforms the ordinary, round fish bowl into a fish bowl that is visually appealing and exciting.  These fun fish bowls are perfect for tables, desks, or children’s rooms.  They require minimum effort to maintain and keep clean.  Our glass fish bowl collection provides an opportunity to own an elegant fish bowl.

Don't forget to accent your glass fish bowls with our decorative rocks, glass beads, and other accessories for fish bowls.

Below you will find a list of our goldfish and betta fish bowls. Clicking on each will give you additional pictures and information about each glass fish bowl.

Glass Fish Shaped Fish Bowl
Square Glass Fish Bowls
Decorative Etched Glass Fish Bowl
Glass Fish Bowl Book Ends
Scalloped Glass Fish Bowl
Frog Shaped Glass Fish Bowl
Teacup Glass Fish Bowl
Blue Glass Fish Bowl
Aquabetta Suspended Betta Fish Bowls
Tall Etched Glass Fish Bowl

Hand Blown Glass Fish Shaped Fish Bowls
A truly unique fish bowl great for a decorative touch in any home or office. Each one is made with handblown glass. We carry four different sizes of glass fish shaped fish bowls, as well as a blue glass fish shaped fish bowl. For additional information please click below.
Glass Fish Shaped Fish Bowls

glass fish shaped fish bowl

Glass Fish Bowl Book Ends
These small book end fish bowls add a fun change to any office or shelf. Different from everyday fish bowls, the book end fish bowls provide a unique environment for betta fish. For additional information please click below.
Glass Fish Bowl Book Ends

glass fish bowl bookends

Decorative Etched Glass Fish Bowls
Each Etched Glass FishBowl is made with handblown glass. We have two varieties of etched glass fish bowls. For additional information please click below.
Decorative Glass Fish Bowl

decorative etched glass fish bowl

Frog Shaped Glass Fish Bowl
The Frog Shaped FishBowl is a fun and unique fishbowl. Made with handblown glass, it adds character as a display in any room. For additional information please click below.
Frog Shaped Glass Fish Bowl

frog glass shaped fish bowl

Teacup Glass Fish Bowls
The Teacup Glass Fishbowl makes a great decorating piece for bedrooms and offices. For additional information please click below.
Teacup Glass FishBowls

teacu glass fish bowl

Acrylic or Plastic Fish Bowls

Fish Bubble Wall Fish Bowls

Fish Bubble Wall mounted fish bowl

Fish Bubbles Wall Aquariums

If you want a simple but attractive fish aquarium for your betta or goldfish, you may also want to consider a Biorb or the Fish Bubble wall mounted fish bowls (wall fish bowls) . These simple and stylish wall mounted bubbles house your favorite fish with very little maintenence required. The Fish Bubbles also save valuable counter and desk space, and create a great conversational piece of living wall-art. Click the button above to find out more details about the Fish Bubble Wall Aquariums.

For set up and maintenance information about Fish Bubble wall fish bowls and other fish bowls please see the maintenance section of our website.



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